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Does it pay to wait?


Does it pay to wait?

The most common question in the past year for most in the real estate industry is “has the market bottomed?”  Although pretty much every piece of data on the national and local front leads us to believe that YES, it has bottomed.  People tend to forget that interest rates are at levels that we will probably never see again our life times.  Thus my professional opinion is there is greater risk in waiting at this point than making the move if you are serious about buying real estate in the near term.  The above picture illustrates exactly why that is the case.  Even if the market falls another 5% if interest rates pop up to just normal levels it is a net loss to you as the investor.  We all want to be the buyer that times the market perfectly.  Unfortunately sometimes that can backfire.  Enjoy the illustration and feel free to call us with any additional questions regarding this theory or general real estate questions in the Park City and Wasatch Front area.

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