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Find the latest updates and trends by “Liking” the Mountain Home Real Estate Facebook page. We provide timely updates relating to Park City’s real estate, community, way of life, and other local stories.

Here’s why:

Listings change daily. There are over 1100 listings across Park City, and each one has characteristics that make the property, neighborhood, and design stand out. We find those properties that stand out from the crowd! The properties that we know you’ll love based on your feedback. We post updates, including photos, video, and content.

Dedicated community. If you have ever visited Park City, you’ve seen that the Park City locals are a family within. Park City locals have built a substantial network of residents who have come together as a community to conserve the natural environment, promote and manage sustainable growth, and preserve the history of Park City; making Park City a place that everyone can call home. Needless to say, we look forward to prospective new residents to add to this dedicated community.

Another way to communicate. It’s a great way to share new information about events, entertainment, activities, and adventure. As well as share our story and invite fans to help share their Park City experience. If you see a story or video, please let us know so we can share what’s meaningful to you.

We look forward to the increased interaction with our fans and friends within the community and across the world.

Patrick Howell & Craig Popa

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