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Park City Weather | March 9th-15th, 2014


Park City Weather

The rollercoaster weather pattern continues as we transition into springtime here in Park City.  We had a couple storms last week that provided some great skiing.  We also had a few warm sunny days mixed in there as well.  It looks like this week we will see a decent storm Monday evening into Tuesday morning before finishing the week under a sunny high pressure.  For all of your Park City Weather details see below:

Sunday:  Warm!  Partly Cloudy.  High: 50  Low: 35

Monday:  Warm start today and breezy at times.  Clouds will roll in during the afternoon and expect snow to start in the evening.  Snow should continue on and off through the night.  High: 50 Low: 30

Tuesday:  Snow showers in the morning, might have some peaks of sun by the afternoon.  Storm totals 4-8 inches.  High: 25  Low: 15

Wednesday:  Sunny and near perfect conditions.  High: 35  Low: 15

Thursday:  Sunny and gradually warming.  High: 40  Low: 25

Friday:  More Sun!  High: 40  Low: 25

Saturday:  Sunshine, enjoy the weekend!  High: 40  Low: 25

Reminder if you are looking for daily update be sure to check out our friends at Wasatch Snow Forecast:

Enjoy the week and think snow!


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