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Park City Weather | Feb. 15th-21st, 2016


Park City Weather

Park City Weather 

Warm weather will continue for the next couple days before we get a storm rolling through Wednesday night and Thursday.  Right now it looks like 2-4 inches are likely.  There is an outside chance we could hit 4-8 inches if things line up correctly.  Enjoy the sun and snow coming up this week:

Monday:  Mostly Cloudy.  High: 40  Low: 30

Tuesday:  Partly Cloudy.  High: 42  Low: 30

Wednesday:  Cloudy and breezy.  High: 45  Low: 30

Thursday:  Snow (2″-4″ inches likely)  High: 30  Low: 25

Friday:  Sunny.  High: 35  Low: 20

Saturday:  Sunny.  High: 35  Low: 25

Sunday:  Sunny.  High: 30  Low: 20

Reminder if you are looking for daily updates be sure to check out our friends at Wasatch Snow Forecast:

Enjoy the week and think snow!


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