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Park City Weather | Feb. 2nd-8th, 2016


Park City Weather

Park City Weather

Well I have been slacking on my weather blog for the past month.  All I can say is that it snowed 18 out of 30 days in January.  I don’t think it snowed 18 days all last year.  I don’t think that is true but it sure felt that way.  Any how I digress… conditions are incredible that is the bottom line. It looks like we will get a couple weeks break here as we head into February, so bring the sun screen if your coming out soon.  Below is this week’s forecast:

Tuesday:  Partly Cloudy and cold.  High: 10  Low: 5

Wednesday:  Partly Cloudy and cold.  High: 10  Low: -10

Thursday:  Snow likely.  Accumulations 1-3 inches look likely at this point.  High: 20  Low: 10

Friday:  Sunny and warmer.  High: 25  Low: 10

Saturday:  Sunny.  High: 28  Low: 10

Sunday:  Sunny.  High: 25  Low: 10

Monday:  Sunny.  High: 25  Low: 10

Tuesday:  Partly Cloudy.  High: 25  Low: 10

Reminder if you are looking for daily updates be sure to check out our friends at Wasatch Snow Forecast:

Enjoy the week and think snow!


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