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Park City Weather Forecast | Jan. 12th-18th, 2014


Canyons Resort

We always love when storm cycles over perform!  That is exactly what happened the past 6 days.  We have received anywhere from 20 to upwards of 36 inches of snow.  Conditions have been very nice the past 5 days and all the powder lovers have been loving life.  Sun will work its way back into the forecast this week.  For full details check out the Park City Weather Forecast below:

Sunday:  Snow and windy.  Bundle up it will feel quite blustery out there today.  Snow accumulations 4-8 inches.  High: 20  Low: 15

Monday:  Snow in the morning.  Possibly another 1-2 inches.  Partly Cloudy later in the day.  High: 25  Low: 15

Tuesday:  Sunny and warmer.  High: 30  Low: 15

Wednesday:  More sun and continued warming.  High: 42  Low: 2o

Thursday:  Sun.  High: 40  Low: 25

Friday:  Sunny.  High: 40  Low:  25

Saturday:  Broken record, more sun!  High: 40 Low: 25

High pressure looks to remain for at least the next 10 days.  If you are looking for powder turns Monday might be your last day for a while.

Reminder if you are looking for daily update be sure to check out our friends at Wasatch Snow Forecast:

Enjoy the week and think snow!


Photo Credit:  Canyons Ski Resort


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