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Park City Weather Forecast | January 19th-25th, 2014


Park City Weather

Sundance week is here!  It is usually a sure thing that we get plenty of snow during this time period.  However, this year we have had pretty incredible weather.  Sunshine and temperatures in the 40’s.  The Sundance folks have to be enjoying this year.  That being said its another story for the powder lovers.  We are in the middle of a two week high pressure.  We do have a slight chance of snow Thursday and there is a little hope on the horizon.  Models currently show some storms moving in around Super Bowl weekend.  We should know more and have more details on those storms in next week’s blog.  Until then, see below for the Park City Weather Forecast:

Sunday:  Sunshine and perfect weather.  High: 40  Low: 25

Monday:  More sun and more perfect groomer weather.  High: 40 Low: 25

Tuesday:  The broken record continues.  Sun and warm.  High: 40 Low: 25

Wednesday:  Sunshine.  High: 40  Low: 25

Thursday:  Cooler, chance of snow.  High: 30  Low: 20

Friday:  Chance of lingering snow showers.  High: 28  Low: 20  Snow totals from Thursday-Friday look to only be a few inches at best.

Saturday:  Back to the sun.  High: 35  Low: 20

Reminder if you are looking for daily update be sure to check out our friends at Wasatch Snow Forecast:

Enjoy the week and think snow!


Photo Credit:  Canyons Ski Resort

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