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Our picks for Top 5 Beginner Trails in Park City


Park City, Utah

Our Top 5 Beginner Trails in Park City

As the snow continues to melt and more and more trails start to open around town many locals and visitors start to get out an about on the hundreds of miles of trails in Park City.  One question that I get asked a lot is what are the best beginner trails to start out on.  This is always a very subjective question to answer because some are not very technical but will really work the lungs and others vice versa.  We do our best below to give you or your visitors some fun ideas:

  • Glenwild/Stealth Trail – This trail starts at the Spring Creek Trail Head just north of Kimball Jct. The trail starts out towards the west and the first mile is relatively mild.  You can keep going for a loop or turn around at any point. This trail does get direct sun so Spring/Fall or Morning/Evening are my preferred times to hike/bike this trail
  • UOP Trail – Just below the Olympic Park you will see a parking lot on the right.  This is your access point to the UOP trail system.  Nestled in a nice grove of aspen trees you can do a 1 mile loop or 2 mile loop.  If you have your 4 legged friend with you park on the parking lot on the left (dogs are allowed off leash there)  Called Run-A-Muck
  • McLeod Creek Trail – There are a number of options on McLeod Creek Trail.  You can start at Newpark Resort and work your way south towards Park City.  You can start at Willow Creek Park or you can start south of Willow Creek by the White Barn and work your way north towards Kimball Junction.  Either way this is a nice gravel path suitable for family bikes rides, bathroom breaks at park, water fountains and a relaxing creek along portions of hike
  • Lost Prospector Trail – Located just north and east of town this trail too has a couple access points.  I think the easiest is to go up Aerie Drive to the small parking lot on the right hand side.  Park there and cross the street, it should be pretty easy to see Lost Prospector Trail sign.  This can be done as numerous loops or as a nice out and back.  Again depending on fitness level etc.
  • The Woods at Parleys Lane – This trail head is located in the Jeremy Ranch neighborhood.  Once at the trail head you have a few options.  You can do a couple smaller loops 1 mile and 2 mile that wind through some beautiful homes and wooded areas.  The other option is to take the two mile loop up to “The Avenues”  if you are feeling like a little more climbing.

Enjoy your week!


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